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The overarching goal of the SHARP Application Pilot is to investigate a new process focused on ameliorating aspects of our current process identified as areas for improvement by the SAU over the last several years. Reducing bias, increasing diversity, reducing cost, and advancing equity are all aims of this proposed holistic evaluation. We do not view this pilot as a permanent solution, but rather, the beginning of a revision process that will take shape over the coming years.




What is the cost of participating in the SHARP Urology Application Pilot?

Participating programs will not charge students to participate in the pilot. Students are responsible for the cost of the Casper assessment and costs of travel if invited for skills assessment. However, we will assist in seeking financial assistance for those providing a letter of financial need from their medical school.

What happens if I am not selected for the pilot or not chosen for a residency spot?

This pilot will take place in mid-summer 2023. Students not offered a urology residency position through the pilot will still have ample time to register and enter the standard SAU Urology Match.  


Will this affect my ability to enter my information into ERAS?

No. This pilot is complete well before ERAS deadlines and does not affect your ability to enter your data into ERAS.  

Will this affect how programs rank me?

No. Any data or scores generated through the Urology Application Pilot will not be shared outside of the two pilot programs. However, if you grant permission, your scores will be provided to the program with which you ultimately match through the standard SAU Match to help provide additional follow up on this application pilot.

If I accept an offer for a position through the SHARP Urology Application Pilot, will I be able to participate in the SAU Urology Match or NRMP Match?

No. Once you accept a urology residency position through the SHARP Pilot, the agreement is binding.

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