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To create a more holistic application process for students looking to enter Urology Residency, Hofstra/Northwell and UC Irvine are piloting a new residency application process in conjunction with the Society of Academic Urologists (SAU) entitled SHARP (Skills and Holistic Assessment for Urology Pilot). Developing a standardized process evaluating non-technical and technical skills will gauge abilities germane to our field while helping reduce bias inherent to some aspects of the standard application process. We are also conscious of the financial burden associated with an ERAS application and, if adopted, we anticipate this new process will meaningfully mitigate costs of applying.

Empathy, leadership potential, cooperation, integrity, resourcefulness, reliability, ethics, resiliency, self-reflection, intelligence and technical ability are all skills difficult to demonstrate in a standard interview. Yet, these are areas of strength for so many of you and are integral to a future successful career in urology. Our goal is to allow students to distinguish themselves across these domains.


Holistic Approach

What makes a urologist? Certainly academic and technical excellence, but social and emotional intelligence, communication skills, and cooperation are also critical to future success. The SHARP Urology Application Pilot, sanctioned by the Society of Academic Urologists (SAU), is designed to allow you to exhibit these aspects of your personality, which are otherwise difficult to demonstrate in a standard interview.


All medical students currently matriculated at an accredited in US AAMC Medical School who have passed all their courses, passed USMLE Step 1, and are in good standing at their school are eligible to apply to participating programs through SHARP.

SHARP is sanctioned by the SAU. It is designed to allow participating students to later take part in the standard match unless they accept a residency position offered to them through the pilot. Please find additional details in the timeline.

Two programs are participating in this pilot application. 


Zucker SOM at Hofstra/Northwell

University of California Irvine

These programs will not participate in the

standard 2024 SAU Match Cycle.

Not Required:

Letters of recommendation, Personal Statement


Casper situational judgement test,

In person technical and non-technical skills assessment

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